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30% lifetime commission for you.
3 months at 50% off for your audience.

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You receive your commissions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are my sales accounted for?

Using a unique link and a cookie placed on the computer of the customer you referred, the purchase made by the customer will be attributed to you. The cookie has a lifespan of 60 days.

What does "lifetime commission" mean?

Lifetime commission applies over the lifetime of a subscription. This stops if the customer you referred terminates their URLR subscription.

How often do I receive payments?

We make a transfer once a month if the earnings are more than 20€.

What are the rules to follow?

You do not have the right to distribute your affiliate link in order to impersonate our platform and mislead the end user. We reserve the right to disable any affiliate link at any time without notice.

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