GDPR Compliance

When you choose a new digital solution, you're putting your trust in it.
At URLR, we're committed to honouring that trust through our actions and transparency.

Proudly developed and hosted in France 🇫🇷

Our servers are located in France and managed by a French company. We want to encourage the French digital ecosystem through strong choices.

Your data hosted on a certified infrastructure

Our solution is based on an ISO 27001:2022 certified infrastructure, guaranteeing a high level of protection for your data.

Carefully selected partners

Every solution we choose to use to build URLR strictly complies with the RGPD framework. We give priority to French and European solutions that share our values.

No targeted tracking

We only collect data that is absolutely necessary for the operation of URLR. Visitor statistics are based on anonymised IP addresses.

Some of the solutions we rely on


The all-in-one marketing platform that enables us to send out our transactional emails and newsletters and offer live support via chat. We also use it for its CRM and videoconferencing solutions.

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The Swiss open-source business suite, which includes Proton Mail, Proton Drive, Proton Pass, Proton VPN and Proton Calendar, is the perfect replacement for Google Workspace.

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Our web host, who has been with us faithfully as we have grown and who shares our values of digital sovereignty with conviction.

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To guide our efforts, we opted for an open-source, self-hosted statistics tracking platform, which is the ideal replacement for Google Analytics.

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