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Île-de-France Mobilités
L'Institut national du cancer
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Join the thousands of users who trust URLR for link shortening

Simple and powerful

Shorten a link, statistics, QR codes, bulk link reduction, exports, API, ... All this from an intuitive platform.

Reactive support

Find real humans for all your business or support questions. You will be amazed at the speed of our responses!

Data hosted in France

Protecting your data and that of your visitors is our priority. All our data is securely stored in France.

GDPR compliance

Trust a platform that respects the European legislative framework. Your customers will thank you.

“Very cool and intuitive url shortner”

Romain Goupille from Scalezia

“Solid and easy to use tool. Easy to use and get started, clean and open API integration, EU-based company (GDPR compliant), well designed UX.”

Adam J

“urlr is easy to use and intuitive”

Flora T.

Solutions for all your needs

Social networks

Engage and retain people who follow you more easily by sharing links they can trust.

SMS campaigns

Reduce the cost of your SMS campaigns by using short links. You can even use your own domain name.

Email campaigns

Track the performance of your links integrated in your email campaigns and improve your conversion rates.

API integrations

Integrate link reduction with URLR into your own app to personalize your users' experience.

“The ease of use, the ergonomics and especially the functionalities, whether for individuals or companies.”

Ludovic R.

“it allowed me to automate the delivery of training documents

In my opinion, the main strengths are :
- The quality of the chat assistance
- The api

I had some small difficulties with the special characters, solved by the assistance”

Franck L.

“As we don't have many urls to convert we use the basic pricing which is very convenient for us.”

Tom H.

Don't let the success of your marketing campaigns be driven by chance

Shorten all your links with ease.

Shorten an URL

Do you regularly share links with long and unattractive URLs? With URLR you can shorten your links to the bare minimum and gain precious characters in your contents.

URLR gives you access to clear and complete statistics on your shortened links.


Measure the success of your campaigns by tracking the statistics of your link visits. Number of unique clicks, country of users, referring sites... as well as system data such as browsers and operating systems.

Generate your QR Codes to use for your print and digital content with URLR.

QR Codes

Generate QR Codes (PNG, JPEG, WebP and SVG) directly from your shortened links.

Your own link shortener with your domain with URLR.

Brand domains

Customize the domain used to generate your short links and hide the use of URLR. Turn into and control your brand image.
Tip: can be combined with custom short codes for even more conversion.

Have control over the urls of your shortened links with URLR for more professionalism.

Custom short codes

Improve your conversion rate by choosing short codes that you can trust and that are related to the objective of your campaign.
Tip: maybe combine with a brand domain name for even more conversion.

Shorten a large amount of links by using URLR and its CSV import feature.

CSV import

Import your links to be shortened from a CSV file and find your shortened links in a folder. You get a notification when it's ready. Indispensable to shorten your links in bulk.

“This solution allows us to track our QR codes for all our marketing campaigns.

The solution is very simple to set up, and Hugo's reactivity is great!

For the moment, the rare missing functionalities or to be optimized (geographical area up to the region) are being implemented.”

Vincent B.

“Very efficient URL reducer, daily use”

Noémie E.

“Ability to track the use of created links and generate a QR-Code

Nothing special, it fulfills the functions I need”

Philippe A.

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“Looking for the perfect tool... found ?
Allows to have short Url to send to users

I was looking for a tool to do url reduction in a simple way URLR is perfect for this function.e simple URLR s'avère parfait pour cette fonction.”

Lionel R.

“Use of in digital education
QR codes are very handy in education to give direct access to the right web pages.

URLR allows me to provide links to my students and colleagues from the Google Education Suite. I manage access rights in Drive.

Access to QR codes did not jump out at me but now I can find them more easily.”

David V.

“Fast and efficient for one-time needs
Very easy to shorten a link that remains valid for a long time. No ads and free for one time use. If my company needs more features at some point I will not hesitate to check them out.

Nothing special, the software does what it is supposed to.”

Noé C.

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