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Shorten an URL

Do you regularly share links with long and unattractive URLs? With URLR you can shorten your links to the bare minimum and gain precious characters in your contents.

URLR gives you access to clear and complete statistics on your shortened links.


Measure the success of your campaigns by tracking the statistics of your link visits. Number of unique clicks, country of users, referring sites... as well as system data such as browsers and operating systems.

Generate your QR Codes to use for your print and digital content with URLR.

QR Codes

Generate QR Codes (PNG, JPEG, WebP and SVG) directly from your shortened links.

Your own link shortener with your domain with URLR.

Brand domains

Customize the domain used to generate your short links and hide the use of URLR. Turn into and control your brand image.
Tip: can be combined with custom short codes for even more conversion.

Have control over the urls of your shortened links with URLR for more professionalism.

Custom short codes

Improve your conversion rate by choosing short codes that you can trust and that are related to the objective of your campaign.
Tip: maybe combine with a brand domain name for even more conversion.

Customize the password entry page of your protected short links.

Customizable password protection page

Use your own logo on the landing page of your password protected shortened links.
Tip: can be combined with a brand domain name to mask the use of URLR.

Shorten a large amount of links by using URLR and its CSV import feature.

CSV import

Import your links to be shortened from a CSV file and find your shortened links in a folder. You get a notification when it's ready. Indispensable to shorten your links in bulk.


Find all your links in one place. The dashboard allows you to manage and edit your links over time (destination URL, expiration date,...).

Password protection

Protect access to your link with a password to limit access to a resource.

Expiration date

You have the possibility to give an expiration date to your short link in order to limit your campaign in time.


Give your team users access to link management to facilitate communication and organization within your company.


Organize your short links by creating folders for each operation and take advantage of the related features (CSV export, ...).

CSV export

Export your links and their statistics in CSV format so that you can process this data in the way that suits you.


Do you want to integrate URL reduction directly into your application? It is possible by using our link reduction API specially built for this need.


Monitor activities linked to your shortcut links, such as clicks, and receive notifications directly in your application using webhooks.

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