Why create QR codes with a link shortener?

QR codes are an excellent way of encouraging your users to access your content in a simple, fun way.

However, there are many tools available for creating them. URLR, for example, offers its own QR Code generator.

Modifying the destination URL

Once a QR Code has been created from a URL, it is impossible to change the link once it has been created. If you've made a mistake and it's already printed, it will be unusable. By using a link shortener, you use an intermediary service between the QR Code and your final URL. This URL can be easily updated from the shortened link parameters.

Tracking scans

How do I know if a QR Code is being used? Usually, you'd have to set up a tracking tool at the destination URL, but this isn't always feasible. Especially if it's not your own website behind that URL.

By using a link shortener, this tracking is set up at the level of the reduced link, and you benefit from a dashboard of its statistics, including the number of scans.


This depends on the tool used and its level of personalization, but it's also possible to personalize your QR Code via a visual editor that lets you change the colors and shapes used. You can also integrate your brand's logo within the QR Code to push your brand image to the max.

And finally, by creating a QR Code using a link shortener, you benefit from all the options associated with shortened links:

  • password protection
  • expiration date
  • backup

As you've just seen, creating a QR Code using a link shortener offers many advantages, and if you want to start somewhere, URLR offers them all.

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