Why is it essential for companies to shorten their links with their own domain?

As a company, you probably post regularly on social networks and share links from time to time. Shortening them is already a very important step in visually enhancing your post and gaining valuable characters on certain platforms.

Fully controlled brand image

By shortening your link, you'll end up with the name of the service used in the URL. For URLR it'll be urlr.me/xxxxx, for Bitly it'll be bit.ly/xxxxx, ...

Your users may be put off by this kind of link, as they won't know where they're being redirected and certainly won't know the service. So, in trying to do the right thing, you can end up losing the user at this stage.

This is where custom domains come in. They enable you to reduce your links while maintaining your brand identity.

Let's imagine a company called Mycompany whose main website is mycompany.com. It would have two options:

Use a sub-domain from their main domain: l.mycompany.com

This is the simplest solution, because it's free. Simply create a sub-domain and associate it with URLR as explained in our documentation. In this example, we choose the domain "l" as a diminutive of the word "links".

Use a short domain dedicated to this purpose: mycpn.co

This solution is advantageous when the main domain is already long and adding a prefix would make it even less interesting. In this example, you need to order this new domain and link it to URLR as explained above.

You can try our custom domain generator for concrete examples.

Protection against anti-virus blocking

Link shortening platforms have to deal with many malicious people who try to reduce malicious links in order to mislead their recipients. As a result, anti-virus solutions can sometimes block their domains.

By using your own domain, you protect yourself from this possibility, as you are the only ones to reduce your links on this domain, which will therefore benefit from a good reputation.

As you've seen, there are many advantages to shortening your links with your own personalized domain in order to enhance and protect your brand image.

You can take advantage of these benefits from the Starter plan.

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